About gaming consoles and emulators
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The computer is very different from the consoles just in terms of the ecosystem and the feel of the game console gamers boast that they can start a game on your PlayStation 4 or the brand new Xbox One only needs to insert a disc or download the game from the "Stora" no superfluous movements, only pure pleasure game. Plus, a lot of "plyushok" and a whole completely different feeling from the Controller with different additional functions affecting our hands and brain (vibration, the ability to manage the device using the movement in the air, etc.)

But despite the many controversies, the truth that there is simply no, it turns dry residue with the following verdict: Each option has its advantages. That is why the vast majority of hard-core PC konsolschikov there, and sometimes even a laptop in the bargain, serving for the game in the "dot-com" or "counter". But many PC gamers frankly want 4 PS / Xbox, but not all of them can afford, as well as high-priced game. Hence, the search begins game console emulator to the PlayStation 4, because it would be just great - to run the game on your computer without having to pay money for the device itself, the Sony services, as well as immediately after the game.

Dictated it is the desire that the console exclusive games available anywhere except on the creation of Sony - PlayStation 3/4, you will not be able to play such masterpieces: Last Of Us, Heavy Rain and Uncharted (one of the most famous and "strong" games). On the Xbox exclusives are available too, such as Forza Horizon, Halo, Gears of War, etc. Buy all available games console and gamers can only units, while as to establish the notorious emulator is not difficult, there are only a "small" problem - adequate working emulators PlayStation 4,3 or Xbox One, 360 currently does not exist.